Tiger cub, guns and ammo found in SUV boot after it’s pulled over by police

Traffic cops pulled over a car for a driving offence – and found a live tiger in the back of the car.

Officers had signalled for the couple inside to pull over.

But, when they went to inspect the luxury SUV, the driver tried to speed away.

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They were halted when cops blocked their getaway route in El Marques, Mexico.

A spokesman said: "Thanks to a quick manoeuvre, officers managed to block their way with a patrol car."

Suspects Manuel and Orfelina – whose surnames are being withheld due to strict local privacy laws – were arrested.

Cops also found four handguns and 98 live rounds of ammunition when they searched the vehicle.

The discovery of the animal comes after Mexican drugcartel hitmen shot a rival's pet Bengal tiger during an assassination raid on his house back in August..

Police found the owner of a property in the Morelia municipality dead, as well as the tiger and another man injured in a region dominated by forces from the Carteles Unidos, a gang whose main rival is the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

Police found the wounded big cat during a search of the property once the area was secured, according to Borderland Beat.

It appeared to have at least one gunshot wound with injuries around its chest and mouth.

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Police called for personnel from the state's Animal Abuse department who determined that the tiger needed to be treated to avoid further medical complications.

Staff from both the Federal Environmental Protection unit and nearby Morealia Benito Juarez Zoo arrived later to tranquilise it.

Julio Cesar Medina Avila, the zoo's director, said: "The bullet perforated his face and ended up lodged in his paw."

The tiger was removed from the concrete enclosure where the narco was keeping it and transported to a nearby wildlife enclosure where vets worked to remove four bullet fragments.


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