Horror fur farms sees raccoon dogs and minks stuffed into cages caked in poo

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    A video has surfaced revealing the horrific living conditions that small animals have to suffer inside Chinese fur farms.

    The footage shows baby foxes, raccoon dogs and minks forced to live in tiny cages covered in their own filth.

    The recording also reveals a baby raccoon dog struggling to walk around its cage, while mink have no choice but to circle their cramped cages.

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    The video, obtained by theDaily Mirror, was taken by investigators for the Humane Society International (HSI), an animal welfare non-profit organisation, which also saw older animals showing behaviours associated with psychological distress.

    Several were seen repeatedly pacing tiny cages barely bigger than their bodies.

    According to the HSI, around 100 million animals are killed every year for their fur.

    The HSI says while China makes up half of the world’s fur trade by animal pelts sold, the European Union follows closely behind – selling around 38 million pelts every year including nearly 230,000 chinchilla furs.

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    Animals raised for their fur will typically spend their entire lives in small cages, whose often unsanitary conditions leave the animals at a higher risk of catching diseases.

    Welfare standards can vary significantly from country to country.

    According to World Animal Protection, which runs the Animal Protection Index – a measure of animal welfare standards across the world – China’s laws related to the prevention of animal suffering are poor, as is its own accountability for animal welfare.

    While fur farming was banned in the UK in 2003, HMRC figures obtained by the Daily Mirror reveal the UK has imported £800million worth of animal furs since the ban was put in place.

    Despite the amount of money spent on imported animal furs since fur farming was banned, a 2020 YouGov poll revealed that 72% of Brits supported a total ban on the sale of furs in the UK.


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