School teacher asked creeped out students to write about their ‘sexual fantasy’

Parents are on the warpath against a school where a teacher asked his students to write about a “sexual fantasy” as part of the class’ coursework.

Health class students at Churchill High School in Oregon, US, were asked to make up for missed coursework by completing an assignment titled “Fantasy Story”.

The assignment, assigned by teacher Kirk Miller reads: “For those students who were absent, you will write a short story of a paragraph or two. This story is a sexual fantasy that will have NO penetration of any kind or oral sex (no way of passing an STI).

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“Your story should show that you can show and receive loving physical affection without having sex.”

The underaged students were also asked to choose three items, such as candles, massage oil, feathers and flavoured syrup, to use in their stories.

A picture of the assignment was shared online, where many parents railed against the school for setting the assignment.

One said: “If an adult male asked my daughter to share her sexual fantasies with him, I would be livid and be going to the police. No teacher has any business asking this of a child.”

Katherine Rogers, whose 16-year-old daughter is in Mr Millers' class, toldOregon Livethat students felt “mortified, awkward and creeped out” after they were given the assignment.

She said some students chose to respond to the fantasy assignment from the point of a view of a character in the cartoon 'Kung Fu Panda' to avoid being too personal.

Katherine added that she was baffled that the chain of command didn’t catch this: “The district reviews these curriculums before they get approved, right? Did they actually read this? If this was reviewed, how did it slip through the cracks?”

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Headteacher Missy Cole said in a letter to parents that the assignment had been removed from the class syllabus and would not be part of students’ grades.

She added that the curriculum used in the school's health class came from the Our Whole Lives (OWL) programme.

OWL is run by the Unitarian Universalist Association, a consortium of Christian churches from across the US.

Melanie Davis, a program manager for OWL, said in a statement to the New York Post that the district had been following an “unauthorised” and outdated assignment.

The Daily Star has contacted Kirk Miller and Eugene School District 4J for comment.


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