Bill Gates warns AI ‘may run out of control’ and decide ‘humans are threat’

Governments must take control of robot development to stop "malign" forces deploying them to rule the world, according to tech guru Bill Gates.

The multi-billionaire Microsoft co-founder said he was "excited" and "inspired" by advancements in artificial intelligence which if used for "good" could boost education, healthcare, business and lifestyles while at the same time reducing global inequality and poverty.

But should AIs fall into the wrong hands they could be manipulated by real life James Bond-style villains to promote their twisted goals.

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Equally, unchecked super-intelligent machines could "run out of control" and decide for themselves that "humans are a threat".

Bill, 67, is the latest big name to warn of the dangers of AI after terminator director James Cameron yesterday said robots may already be controlling us.

Bill said: “Like most inventions, artificial intelligence can be used for good purposes or malign ones.

“Governments need to work with the private sector on ways to limit the risks.

“Then there’s the possibility that AIs will run out of control.

“Could a machine decide that humans are a threat, conclude that its interests are different from ours, or simply stop caring about us?”

Bill said super-intelligent AIs will be developed that will think so quickly human brains will "operate at a snail’s pace" by comparison.

“It will be able to do everything that a human brain can but without any practical limits on the size of its memory or the speed at which it operates.

“This will be a profound change,” he said.

“These 'strong' AIs, as they’re known, will probably be able to establish their own goals.

“What will those goals be?

“What happens if they conflict with humanity’s interests?

“Should we try to prevent strong AI from ever being developed?

“These questions will get more pressing with time.”

But the Microsoft co-founder also called the development “exciting” and highlighted the good it can do.

He added: “I’m lucky to have been involved with the PC revolution and the Internet revolution. I’m just as excited about this moment.

“This new technology can help people everywhere improve their lives.

“At the same time the world needs to establish the rules of the road so that any downsides of artificial intelligence are far outweighed by its benefits and so that everyone can enjoy those benefits no matter where they live or how much money they have

“The Age of AI is filled with opportunities and responsibilities.”

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