Ex-CIA chief labels Putin ‘dead man walking’ and predicts assassination ends war

A former top CIA boss has claimed war mad Vladimir Putin is a “dead man walking” and warns the Russian president will be assassinated.

The demise of Putin has been lingering over him for much of the past 12 months – since he first ordered troops to illegally invade Ukraine.

And former CIA boss James Olson has now confirmed that his presidency and indeed life could be ended sooner rather than later.

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Speaking to the Sun Online, Olson claimed that Putin was now in a “no-win” situation because the war is never ending, victory is a long way off and a defeat could spark chaos inside the closed-off country.

Mr Olson said: “It is not going well at all – I believe Putin is in a no-win situation now.

“If Putin stays in power, there will be a long war because he will not give up, but I do not think that Putin is going to stay in power.

“I believe that he will be removed from power . . . and that there is a strong undercurrent of opposition to Putin in the military, in the intelligence services, among the oligarchs.

  • Putin calling up extra 147,000 men from tomorrow as battlefield slaughter intensifies

“Putin is destroying Russia – I believe there are some good Russians, some patriotic Russians who will decide enough is enough.

“I think Putin will be taken out, (and) I would not rule out assassination.”
There has been rumours of talk among Putin's own allies of trying to find a way of taking out the despot, but nothing has happened so far.

There were also claims that replacements were being looked at – something the Kremlin has never commented on.

However, the change could come from the general public.

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Olson continued: “I think it is actually likely that some patriotic Russians will decide they need to eliminate Putin, and that would be the end of the war because the Russian people are suffering and they are losing people.

“Putin is bleeding Russia and he cannot do that forever.

“I believe there are generals who are disgusted by that tragic loss of lives and they will be a possible source of the uprising against Putin.”

Earlier this week, Putin ordered another 147,000 troops to be called up to the depleted army.

The conscription of men aged between 18 and 27 started today (April 1).

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  • Putin calling up extra 147,000 men from tomorrow as battlefield slaughter intensifies

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