Just Eat driver defends himself when gang tries to steal his bike mid-fight

A Just Eat driver was praised for his quick action when he got distracted by a gang fight and nearly had his bike stolen.

Video shared on Twitter shows a chaotic scene outside events venue East Wintergarden in Canary Wharf, east London.

A group of youths in dark coloured clothing can be seen throwing fists towards a man in green puffer jacket and cornering him to one of the exits on 43 Bank Street.

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The exit is one of the usual places where delivery drivers park their bikes and wait to collect their orders from restaurants at Jubilee Place.

At least five to six drivers are carrying Deliveroo bags as they stay close by while they watch the man defending himself.

As some move their bikes away from the fight, one gang member tries to snatch the bike off a driver's hands.

The worker refuses to let go and grabs his bike back and he leaves the area while other gang members linger around.

During the 40-second footage, no Canary Wharf Group security guards can be seen stepping in and stopping the fight.

Viewers shared their thoughts under the tweet, with one saying: "The most CCTV and security heavy places in the UK – what have we become."

Another wrote: "I thought the whole development is heavily guarded."

"Good for the riders for standing up themsevles, they are probably sick of this sh*t," a third added.

Canary Wharf Group replied to Daily Star that they declined to comment on this matter.

On Deliveroo's rider support page, it stated: "If you are ever in danger and need help call the emergency services on 999 immediately.

"Your safety is our priority, so if you feel unsafe or threatened by someone while out on delivery, you can report it in the app.

"Use the order rating function to select ‘safety concern’ and add details about any issue that you encounter."

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