Wetherspoons customers ‘just can’t understand’ pub’s increased menu prices

A new menu at one of pub chain Wetherspoons top branches has left punters baffled by its unusual prices.

A now-viral TikTok video has caused confusion after appearing to show the new prices of food and drink at pub in Glasgow, Scotland.

Although the exact branch wasn't detailed, it shows odd pricing for basic items such as soup at £4.03 and nachos at £5.54.

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It also shows a side of cheesy chips for £5.16, which follows the company announcing a 7.5% increase on all menu items earlier this year.

The TikToker, food vlogger Brodies Bites, said: “Can someone please explain what on Earth has happened to Wetherspoons prices?

"We went to Spoons on the way home from Glasgow the other night just to grab something to eat because we had been drinking and realised we hadn't actually eaten yet.

“The point of this video is because for the first time in ages we've been to Spoons and normally it's like £1.29 for coleslaw, £10.59 for a burger and a drink – what the hell is this?

"£4.03 for soup, £5.54 for nachos – like what? £5.27 for a panini and a drink – what is actually going on?

“It continues throughout the whole menu, such bizarre pricing and even the side dishes, it's 81p for a side of chilli and £4.03 for chips, like I just don't understand it.”

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This prompted outrage and confusion from commenters on the video.

Many questioned why the prices don't end with “0 or five” while some slammed the chain for such a huge hike.

According to the Mirror, the price of some menu items at some pubs have increased by as much as £2, for example the British Steak & Kidney Pudding with soft drink going from £5.55 to £7.63, or the Chicken Tikka Masala with alcoholic drink which has risen from £9.70 to £10.43.

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However, after a bit of digging, the Daily Star found that several branches of the pub chain appear to have much lower prices.

For example, The Moon and Stars in Penge still charges just £7.95 for a curry and a drink, while it also has nachos at just £4.30 per portion.

Let us know what your local branch charges by emailing [email protected].

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