Mum fumes as DPD driver ‘invades’ home to leave parcel inside her kitchen

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    Delivery company DPD has been slammed for allegedly invading the privacy of a family after a driver went inside their home to leave a parcel.

    The claim has been made by 51-year-old Paula Adelburgh, who lives with her family in North Staffordshire.

    She claims that the DPD delivery bloke would not give the parcel over to her until he was allowed to enter the home and take a picture of it inside the property.

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    Recalled the situation, Paula said: “They pressed the doorbell and my son went out, and they said to him that they had to put it on the doorway to take a picture.

    “But that didn’t add up to me and you shouldn’t have to do that by law.

    “The driver wouldn’t give it to my son outside and I don’t know why he wouldn’t take a photo of it outside the house.

    “Then he went through the side gate, opened the kitchen door, and put the parcel inside – he shouldn’t be going into my property to take a photo.

    "My husband intercepted him and said 'you don’t need to open the door, take it outside.'”

    “The policy needs changing,” she continued. “I have sympathy for the drivers, they’re only doing what they’ve been told.’

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    “You don’t know who’s coming, it could be anybody. Not all vans have DPD on the side, you don’t know if they’re bogus.”

    A DPD spokesman has said that all drivers are required to take a photograph of the parcel inside an open doorway as a way of obtaining proof of delivery.

    However, they did admit that the driver should not have gone to the other door and will “ensure that is made clear to him”.

    They added: “Like many other carriers we switched to this process at the start of the pandemic.”

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