OnlyFans star ‘scared to leave house’ as stalker who tailed her to Ibiza freed

An OnlyFans model has been left petrified to leave the house after her stalker was set free just hours into his jail sentence.

Abby Furness’s stalker of three years – who once followed her to Ibiza – was recently banged up for 20 weeks for breaching his restraining order but has been let go after less than a day.

Jamie Spears had followed Abby, a dancer, around her hometown over a three-year period and even stalked her out to the Spanish party island.

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From Brighton, Abby now feels she’s the one being punished after Spears was released early due to time he served in remand.

She’s had to give up dancing in nightclubs because she is haunted by visions of airport worker Spears in the darkness.

"Right now I feel like I'm the one being punished. I've done nothing wrong but feel like a prisoner in my own home,” she told the Sun.

Spears, 37, was caged on March 31 but is now out – on the condition he wears a GPS device connected to a monitor kept by Abby.

If he gets within 100 metres of her the police are automatically notified.

“My brain feels like mush, I feel exhausted all the time and my nerves are shot", she added.

“I get ready to go to the gym and psyche myself up, but then can’t face leaving the house.

Sadly now something as simple as meeting a friend for coffee has become a big deal for Abby whose "imagination runs riot" in night clubs where each face 'morphs into Jamie’s', she said. As a result she's had to cut down on dance work.

Abby, 21, likened it to Stephen King’s The Mist as she regaled the impact of the ordeal which first started in 2020.

He messaged her incessantly and, when she tried to get him to stop, he ignored her.

He would follow her around Brighton and would appear at the clubs she worked at, eventually following her all the way out to Ibiza, spotted when her mates saw him looking through the window of a bar she was at.

In Brighton again Spears would don disguises to hide from her and watch her from afar.

In February 2021 – after being found hiding in her shed – he was given a stalking prevention order.

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He breached this twice getting 14 months in the can and, after release, entered forbidden parts of Brighton in January this year earning him the 20-week sentence.

She’s been forced to take a trip abroad recently to try and get a break from it, but upon returning things were bad again – now she fears the only way she can be free is to flee the UK altogether.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: "He remains subject to a Stalking Protection Order, which has strict conditions aimed at limiting his movements and ability to offend."


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