Poisonous pufferfish kills elderly couple after they cooked it up for lunch

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    An 83-year-old woman and her 84-year-old husband have died after eating a pufferfish that has toxins "more poisonous than cyanide" for lunch.

    The pensioners from Malaysia bought the Pufferfish – a delicacy known to contain highly potent poisons – on March 25.

    Daughter, Ng Ai Lee said her parents had purchased the fish from a fishmonger, who they had shopped with for years.

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    Ng Chuan Sing and his wife Lim Siew Guan reportedly cleaned, fried and had the fish for lunch, then Lim Siew began feeling symptoms soon after.

    Lim Siew Guan began to shiver and suffer breathing difficulties soon after, within an hour her husband was also displaying symptoms.

    Their son rushed the pair to the hospital, but sadly Guan was pronounced dead later that evening.

    Her cause of death has been identified as food poisoning, linked to the pufferfish.

    And now, Ng Chuan, who spent eight days in a coma, died on Saturday morning.

    Ng Ai Lee demanded accountability for her parents' death. She said: "Those responsible for their deaths should be held accountable under the law and I hope the authorities will speed up investigations.

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    "I also hope the Malaysian government will beef up enforcement and help to raise public awareness on pufferfish poisoning to prevent such incidents from happening again."

    She previously told the Daily Star: “My parents have been buying fish from the same fishmonger for many years, so my father did not think twice about it.

    “He would not have knowingly bought something so deadly to eat and put their lives in danger.”

    According to the Food and Drug Administration, puffer fish may contain the potent and deadly toxins tetrodotoxin and saxitoxin, which cannot be destroyed by cooking or freezing.

    Unless the fish is cleaned and prepared specially to carefully remove the organs containing the toxin, the flesh of the fish will become contaminated with the toxin – which cannot be destroyed by cooking or freezing the fish.

    According to the New York Post, the FDA states the central nervous system toxins are more deadly than cyanide, with symptoms such as tingling and dizziness typically starting 20 minutes to two hours after ingesting the fish.

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