Pregnant ‘shoplifter’ had emergency C-section after being shot by store employee

A pregnant alleged shoplifter had to be rushed to hospital for an emergency c-section after she was shot by an employee at the store she was in.

Walgreens team leader Mitarius Boyd, 21, shot Travonsha Ferguson, 24, who was seven months pregnant at the time.

Travonsha was treated at Vanderbilt Medical Center, where medics had to perform an emergency c-section to save her unborn child.

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Both mother and child survived, and have been described as being in a 'critical but stable' condition.

The incident at a drug store in Nashville, Tennessee, began when an employee informed Boyd they believed two women were shoplifting.

Boyd later claimed he witnessed Travonsha putting items into a shopping cart and into an over-shoulder bag she was carrying.

He filmed them leaving the store without paying, and then challenged them as they were putting the goods into their car.

One of the women then turned and pepper sprayed him, at which point he pulled out a gun and began shooting, according to police.

Boyd then called 911 after the women drove away.

The other woman then drove Travonsha to the hospital before departing, where she was treated for multiple gunshot wounds.

Boyd has since claimed that he did not know whether the two women were armed, and had been afraid when he confronted them.

He cooperated with law enforcement and has handed over his gun and mobile phone.

There is now an ongoing investigation into the incident, including examining Boyd's claim of self-defence.

After this the evidence will be handed to the district attorney who will make the decision of whether or not to prosecute Boyd.

Boyd has previously had an arrest after creating a scene while at a Best Buy outlet as he had not been able to purchase a Playstation 5 console.

He was charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing.


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