Elle Brooke offers tag-team with ‘World’s Sexiest Chess Player’ in support tweet

OnlyFans star Elle Brooke has offered to tag-team with the so-called "World's Sexiest Chess Player" in a recent tweet.

Andrea Botez, who recently came up short in a loss to fellow boxer Michelle Khare, took to Twitter to show off her new makeup, a bruised eye.

Offering her congratulations to Michelle after the bout, the chess streamer found herself receiving support from fellow boxer Elle, as she takes an in-ring loss.

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Described by another Twitter user as the "toughest person in the chess world", it would seem Elle is keen to tag-team with the content creator.


Tweeting a message out to Andrea late last night, Elle wrote: "Keep your head held high, @itsandreabotez, you fought well. Would be honoured to tag-team with you one day x."

Whether the pair are set to take to the squared circle together or against one another has yet to be addressed by Andrea, who showcased a nasty-looking injury received during her bout.

She wrote: "Got a cute new makeup look, personally done by the legend @MichelleKhare. I had 2 months of training & fought my heart out.

"Wouldn't change a thing about tonight, congratulations Michelle."

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Despite her triumph in the ring against Andrea, winner Michelle had high praise for her competitor following the match.

Quote-tweeting a clip fo their fight together, which was deemed a "very close" bout by one Twitter user, Michelle declared she was "never messing with the Botez family ever again".

Andrea was not the only boxer to sustain injuries that night, with Michelle revealing the chess player had landed her a broken nose, dubbing the losing fighter a "freaking warrior".

The Daily Star had previously reported on the "World's Sexiest Chess Player", who claimed to have peed on her ex-boyfriend's car by way of getting revenge on him.

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