Fake Madeleine McCann doing another DNA test despite first rubbishing her theory

The young Polish woman who claimed she was Madeleine McCann has said she will do another DNA test, despite the first one rubbishing her claims.

Julia Wendell's claims were disproved after a DNA test confirmed that her ancestry is Polish, and she couldn’t be the Leicestershire youngster that went missing in May 2007.

Julia, also known as Julia Faustyna and Wandelt, took to Instagram today (April 16) to reveal she will do another DNA test.

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"I want to do this because I just want to do this and I don't even have to explain why but I think everyone knows why I want to do this. When the results come I will let you know everything," she said.

She added that she has the support of "official people and law enforcement".

After scrapping her original Instagram account, which was named iammadeleinemccan, Julia made a new account called "Am I Julia Wendalt”.

In recent posts, she insisted: "I have to say I never said I am Madeleine. I always said that I believe I could be Madeleine."

Since returning to her home country, Julia has said that Dr Fia Johansson – her unofficial minder during the early days of her claims – was "trying to scare" her and added that she’s no longer sure whether the “medium” ever wanted to help at all.

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"When I first met Fia for the first time I thought she wanted to help me,” she said. "Now I know she wants only new followers, new clients."

In her latest video today, she added that she thought Dr Johansson started to make false allegations about her because she is angry that Julia returned to Poland, jeopardising chances to work with production companies with Julia's story.

The self-professed psychic said that Julia is probably shook by the reality that she is not Madeleine.

"Although Julia is disappointed about this revelation and the spotlight may fade away, the truth as represented in the results speaks to perhaps an unwelcome new reality," she explained.

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