Rise of killer British mozzies as group launched to fight off deadly threat

A battlegroup has been launched to fight off the threat of deadly mosquitoes in the UK.

Officials and experts are teaming up to assess how global warming could increase the risk of bloodsucking mozzies and ticks.

Mozzies cause more than 700,000 deaths globally a year and account for 17% of all infectious diseases.

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The taskforce is being led by the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, the UK Health Security Agency and the University of Glasgow.

UKHSA’s Jolyon Medlock said: "At a time of environmental change it is really important to investigate the current and potential risk posed by mosquitoes and mosquito-borne disease."

He says their "crucial" work will improve "our understanding and preparedness as we continue to tackle future threats".

The crack team of experts, which has been awarded a £1.25million grant, believe mosquitoes pose a growing threat as they are established and invasive to the UK.

They are particularly focused on migratory birds bringing mozzies to these shores.

They’re worried about diseases like brain-attacking Usutu virus and killer fever West Nile virus.

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It is not the only troublesome insect battering Brits with worries of deadly encounters, with the deadly Asian hornet also rearing its venomous head a few months before sightings are usually reported.

The Daily Star previously reported two had been spotted in the UK so far, and experts are advising people stay well away from the dangerous, winged beasts.

The British Beekeepers Association already broke the worrying news of a second sighting in Folkestone, Kent, earlier this year and advice has since been issued on what needs to be done about the rise of sightings.

District Beekeeping Association member Sue Kittle wrote: "This is an invasive species that can attack and eat our honey bees. It can change the whole nature of the bee hives here. We need to track them down and find out if this sighting is the beginning of a nest."

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