King Charles to be crowned wearing 10kg of gold as ‘cut back Coronation’ ditched

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    Hopefully King Charles has been hitting the gym, as the 74-year-old is to be draped in a whopping 10 kilograms of golden finery when he is officially crowned on Saturday.

    The first official details of King Charles III's outfit have been released by Buckingham Palace tonight (Monday, May 1), listing exactly what the new monarch will be styling come the big moment on May 6 – and it is mind-blowing.

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    Ever one to make a fashion statement, the King will be adorned in heavy priest-like golden robes worn by his ancestors for his moment of crowning, despite claims last year he was eyeing up a more modest "cut-back" event.

    Our newest monarch will put on layer upon layer of glittering coronation vestments, inspired by priestly attire, in the middle of Westminster Abbey’s coronation theatre during the religious service.

    For the investiture, during which the crowning takes place, Charles will be given a long shimmering gold-sleeved coat to wear called the Supertunica, created for his great-grandfather George V in 1911, and worn at successive coronations including by Elizabeth II.

    Made of cloth of gold, which is silk thread wrapped in thin pieces of gold or silver gilt metal, the Supertunica, also known as the Close Pall of Cloth of Gold, weighs around 2kg and is embroidered with stylised arabesques and floral motifs.

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    On top of the Supertunica will be placed a floor-length cloak called the Imperial Mantle – or Robe Royal – made for the King’s extravagant ancestor George IV in 1821.

    Heir to the throne the Prince of Wales will play a role in the service by entering the coronation theatre to assist with placing the robe on his father.

    It weighs around 3-4kg while the St Edward’s Crown will add an extra 2.23kg to the King’s load after his crowning.

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    The mantle is inspired by ancient coronation ensembles and its representation of priestly robes symbolises the divine nature of kingship.

    Made from cloth of gold, it is brocaded with colourful motifs including fleur-de-lis as a nod to the ancient claim of England over France, as well as imperial eagles, and national floral emblems of red-pink roses, blue thistles and green shamrocks.

    The mantle – also known as the Pallium or Dalmatic Robe – was worn by previous House of Windsor monarchs at their coronations including the late Queen in 1953 and it has a spiral twisted bullion fringe and is fastened across the chest with a golden eagle clasp.

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    Last week, the Daily Star reported how King Charles' modern Coronation may go down in history as one of the shortest ever.

    Royal expert Dr George Gross told us: "The coronation promises to be one of the most viewed events of all time.

    "It may also be the shortest coronation in British history – with homage/fealty likely to be removed and the presentation of various elements of the regalia also abandoned to cut time.

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    "The seating and dress of the audience are likely to reflect the contemporary world, rather than the embroidered coronation chairs and the ermine coronation robes of the peerage of former times."

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