Brit finds tarantula hiding in his jeans after flying back from Mexican jungle

A terrified Brit bloke let out a "yelp" when he returned from Mexico to find a tarantula in his jeans.

James Mugridge, 31, had just flown home to the UK after a two-week trip to Mexico staying in jungle hotels when he discovered the 12cm-long creepy-crawly.

Believed to be a Mexican red rump, also known as Tliltocatl vagans, the spider's bite is not considered to be overly dangerous to humans.

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Still, James got the shock of his life and screamed when he spotted the creature's furry legs hanging out of his jeans.

Cautiously approaching the spider with some chopsticks, James was relieved to find the tarantula was already dead – probably frozen in the plane's hold.

"For a split second I thought it was alive – I let out a yelp!," said James from Exeter, Devon, who flew to Cancun on April 15 with girlfriend Emma Forrester, 27.

James recalled seeing many tarantulas on their trip including the Mexican red rump, but never thought one would make its way into his jeans for the trip home.

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He said: "I think it was in [the jeans] for a couple days at least.

"We're lucky because the bag was supposed to come in the cabin. But there was not enough space, so they put it in the hold.

"Subsequently, the tarantula froze to death, but in the cabin I fear it would have been alive and kicking.

"The sting on it is said to be worse than a bee sting, but its not fatal.

"That being said, I was absolutely terrified when I saw the little thing had made its way into my jeans. It really was the last thing I was expecting."

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