Harry’s Coronation humiliations — seating snub and sneaking on commercial flight

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    Prince Harry has touched down in the UK for King Charles III's Coronation today (Saturday, May 6).

    It came following months of speculation over whether the Duke of Sussex, along with his wife and children, would make the trip across the Atlantic.

    Eventually it was announced Harry would be returning home, with Meghan Markle remaining in California with Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.

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    Harry is reportedly set to head straight back on the plane when today's ceremony ends, hoping to return to the US to celebrate Archie's fourth birthday.

    The flying visit is perhaps indicative of Harry's relegated role within the Royal Family since stepping back in 2020 and making a number of claims about them in Spare and on Netflix.

    As a result he faces a number of humiliations, barred from doing certain things he would have done if he had stayed.

    Third row

    Harry has reportedly been shunted back to the third row for today's Westminster Abbey ceremony.

    It is said he will sit between Princess Eugenie’s husband Jack Brooksbank and Princess Alexandra – the cousin of the late Queen, who hasn’t had a working royal engagement in a decade.

    An insider told The Sun: “There were discussions that the seating could be arranged on line of succession.

    “But that would have put fifth-in-line Harry front and centre — and with William and Kate.

    “Instead the decision was working royals only at the front and work back from there. Harry will be a long way from his father.”

    No uniform

    Harry will not be permitted to wear military uniform today, just as he wasn't for the Queen's funeral last year.

    The Duke of Sussex served in the Army for a decade and did two tours of Afghanistan but will not wear uniform because he is no longer a working royal.

    Prince Andrew is another who won't wear uniform despite military service because he is no longer a working royal.

    Harry made no specific requests concerning his outfit for the Coronation but was willing to wear whatever was asked of him, sources told the Telegraph.

    Commercial flight

    Passengers were said to be gobsmacked at seeing Harry on American Airlines flight AA136 as he landed at Heathrow Airport in London at 11.23am yesterday (Friday, May 5).

    The Duke of Sussex travelled over 5,000 miles to join the rest of the Royal Family in celebrating his father's big day.

    While many might expect a celebrity with such heightened security needs to fly private, Harry opted to slum it like the rest of us – perhaps due to his longstanding commitment to environmentalism.

    Although if he were a working royal he wouldn't be organising his own flight arrangements.

    There were also reports yesterday that he hadn't informed royal courtiers of what flight he was coming in on.

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