Schoolboy, 11, kicked in head by kid who then screams ‘I’ll stab your dad’

A schoolboy was heard threatening to stab an 11-year-old boy's dad during a vicious attack caught on video.

The victim had been playing football with his friends in Adlam Park in Fazakerley, Liverpool, on Sunday, May 2, at around 5pm when he was approached by another schoolboy.

He was grabbed by the neck and kicked in the head by the other schoolboy in an attack filmed by spectators.

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The footage of part of the attack shows the 11-year-old being held to the floor by his neck as he's kicked in the head by another boy.

In the clip, which was shared by Liverpool Echo and muted, you hear one of the boys say: "I'll stab your da in the neck you fat c***."

His devastated mum, 31, who asked for herself and her son not to be named, claimed he was grabbed by the neck and kicked in the head by the boy despite telling him he "just wanted to have a game of football".

She said: "My son was scared to tell me. His mates knocked on Wednesday, May 3, to show me the video as I was unaware.

"I asked my son where all his bruising had come from, and he said he was playing football.

"Now I know it's because he's been used as a punching bag for this gang of kids. My son's not wanting to fight at all, he doesn't stand a chance as these kids clearly have experience in martial arts, kickboxing, and boxing.

"My son isn't a fighter, he hasn't been brought up that way. He's a lovely, caring boy. He has his moments like all other children, but he didn't deserve what happened to him. It's just bullying at its finest."

The mum explained her son and the boy who was pinning him down in the first video know each other.

Since the incident the mum said her son has "a lump on the side of his head" and she had "noticed a change" in his behaviour. She took her son to Alder Hey Children's Hospital to be checked over.

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The mum told local media her son has been left "covered in bruising from his arms to his legs from where he's been repeatedly kicked and punched, got a lump on the side of his head from the kick and it's sore to touch the area".

She added: "He's complaining he's tired a lot, he's not sleeping properly because of it all and he's scared to go the parks alone.

"He's been referred for counselling as its having a massive effect on his mental health. I'm glad I'm aware of it now so it can be stopped."

Merseyside Police and the boy's school are understood to be looking into the reported assault.


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