Tory MPs plotting to overthrow Sunak with no confidence vote after Brexit U-turn

Lindsay Hoyle rebukes Kemi Badenoch in Parliament

Conservative MPs have warned that the Prime Minister’s “betrayal” over a key piece of Brexit legislation has “started a conversation about no confidence vote territory.” has learnt that in the wake of amendments put into the Lords which will mean that thousands of pieces of EU laws and regulations will stay in the British statute book, Brexiteer Tory MPs are considering submitting letters calling for a no confidence vote in their leader.

The Urgent Question today on the issue answered by Business and Trade Secretary Kemi Badenoch was described as “the final straw” by one Tory MP.

The MP said: “Kemi just kept digging a deeper hole for herself, she kept saying ‘I have decided’ when this is the most important thing to happen to this country in a lifetime and the Commons voted through this legislation unamended.

“It was utterly arrogant. She will never have my support in a future leadership election.”

But the MP added: “There is no way this could not have happened without the blessing of the Prime Minister. In the end the buck stops with him.

“Really this is so bad that we are now in no confidence vote territory.”

The MP added that letters being sent to 1922 Committee chairman Sir Graham Brady is now “a possibility.”

Another MP showed texts showing that sources close to the Prime Minister are trying to pin the blame on Ms Badenoch for the decision.

As revealed by last night, an ERG delegation to Downing Street was informed that the decision to water down the EU Retained Law Bill in the Lords was “Kemi’s call”.

But there was outrage that amendments were being placed in the Upper House with unelected peers when the democratically elected MPs in the Commons had already agreed the Bill.

A former minister told “This is both very bad for both Kemi [Badenoch] and Sunak. But nobody believes Kemi decided this on her own. It had to have come from Downing Street.”

Tory MPs have already linked complaints Jacob Rees-Mogg made over the summer during the leadership contest that as Chancellor Mr Sunak “fought tooth and nail” to not ditch EU regulations governing the City.

Sources close to Mr Rees-Mogg at the time had called him the “biggest road block in the Cabinet.”

Tory MPs have also been resending the leadership video by the Prime Minister where he had promised to shred EU laws.

Another MP had noted that Tory MPs were already worried that Mr Sunak had lost “1,000 more seats than Theresa May” in last week’s local elections but he had been “saved by the coronation”.

Referring to the EU Retained Law Bill, the MP added: “Now we have this outrage.”

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