‘Boiling hot’ mystery item ‘smelling of rotten eggs’ falls from sky and hits car

A driver has been left scratching his head after a hot metal object fell from the sky and hit his car, creating a dent in the ceiling.

Marcel de Camargo, a banker from Sao Paulo, Brazil, said he was at home when he heard what he thought was an explosion outside and went to investigate, only to discover a strange cylindrical object had struck his vehicle.

"I was eating with my wife inside the house and we heard a very loud bang. Then the car alarm went off," he told local news outlet g1.

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Marcel said he initially thought the commotion was a robbery but after having a look around the area he didn't see anyone looking suspicious.

It was then that he spotted the damage to his car.

"When I looked in the garage, I saw the roof of my car dented and a little deep," he continued.

"I thought that someone could have thrown something outside, but I ended up observing the outline of a marked circle and, at the same moment, I concluded that the piece must have fallen from the sky."

Marcel spotted the metal object he presumed was responsible for the damage to his car lying on the ground, but after he went to pick it up he realised it was extremely hot.

"I couldn't touch it with my hand," he added.

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"I'm glad it didn't hit anyone's head, as it could be fatal. But that didn't happen and we're fine."

The day after he found the mystery object his wife went to have a look, and noticed it had a strange odour.

"The tip was dented, with black oil coming out," he continued. "Also, it had a rotten egg smell."

Marcel said he spoke to his engineer pals in a bid to work out what the strange object was.

However, none of them were able to give him an answer.

"Nobody could explain it to me, so I'm trying to see how I'm going to solve the damage and who to turn to", he added.

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