Meghan Markle shows ‘split persona’ as she goes ‘professional speaker mode’

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    Meghan Markle has displayed her "split persona" at a recent awards event, with a body language expert pinpointing her "professional speaker mode".

    A clip showing the Duchess of Sussex at the Ms Foundation Women of Vision Awards give a speech following an awards win showcased her "highly practised" way of speaking.

    According to Face Whisperer Adrianne Carter, the "confident and word perfect" tone Meghan set at the event provided a "split persona", which may detract from her activism.

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    The Duchess' appearance at the event was rounded up by a surprise sighting of Prince Harry, with a separate expert declaring the event a rare "drama free" event for the former working royals.

    Body language expert Carter maintains Meghan's speech was "highly practised" and showed a divide between her activism hopes and her polished Hollywood appeal.

    Carter said: "Meghan’s body language in the presentation clip is highly practised for her speech. We see her in full on professional speaker mode, confident and word perfect.

    "She looks very much like a Hollywood actress rather than a serious activist. Maybe a bit of a split persona going on for her?"

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    Carter's comments come as fellow royal expert Kinsey Schofield weighs in on the appearance of Prince Harry at the event.

    Speaking exclusively to The Daily Star, expert Schofield said: "I think Prince Harry is obviously very proud of Meghan Markle. Meghan does seem to be trying to brand herself independently, but she wouldn’t have the Duchess title without her Duke!"

    She alleged also that "blissful nights out like this are rare. I’m sure they cherish drama free excursions."

    Meghan's award-winning appearance at the Ms Foundation Women of Vision Awards saw the Duchess give a speech on being the "visionary of your own life," on a night described as "drama free" by expert Schofield.

    She added those "drama free excursions" were "few and far between because where the Duke and Duchess go… drama tends to follow."

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