Exact day ’30C African plume’ to begin sweltering UK – new maps

Weekend weather for 20/21 May: Warm days, cool nights

A forecaster has laid bare the chances of the country basking in 30C heat during the first days of June, as the Met Office confirms a surge in temperatures starting from this weekend. Jim Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, said the country can expect highs of 25C towards the end of May. And then in June, the nation will be poised for the humidity to be turned up another notch with a risk of North African air pushing up across Europe.

The Met Office says the forecast from Sunday to Tuesday will be “staying on the warm side” as the middle of next week marks the start of hotter temperatures.

Its outlook from next Wednesday to June 2 says: “High pressure and predominantly settled conditions are expected across the majority of the UK through this period.

“England and Wales is likely to see often large amounts of sunshine, light winds and temperatures around to a little above average for the time of year, following cool nights.

“Some eastern areas could be plagued by mist or low cloud at times. Scotland and Northern Ireland will most likely be a little more mixed, with cloudier days and some patchy rain in-between the clearer, dry spells, and temperatures nearer average overall.”

30C heat in June?

Jim Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, spoke about the possibility of thermometers pushing 30C, with June earmarked for a first heat surge of the year.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, he said: “We should hit 25C first before May is out. Then 30C is the next staging post. I think it’s a 50/50 chance for 30C heat during the first 10 days of June, but it is all down to us receiving the necessary sustained airflow from North Africa.

“High pressure will need to come over the UK, easing away to the east as an Atlantic front closes in.”

Weather maps show Saturday, June 3 as a date when the mercury could start to really ramp up – with red and orange tints, indicating hot weather, pushing across Europe and flooding in across the south east and Midlands. 

Temperature timeline

The mercury will remain consistent at around 17C to 18C until next Friday, May 26, the day before the final Bank Holiday weekend of the month.

Over the course of that weekend, settled conditions are set to prevail, with temperatures currently forecast to hover around the 20C mark in central areas, dipping a couple of degrees along exposed coastlines.

The first indication of an acceleration of temperatures on June 2, where maps show towns and cities south of Birmingham seeing highs of between 19C and 21C.

By June 3, maps begin to glow red in places. It shows East and West Sussex potentially hitting 24C, with nearly the entire coast of Ireland experiencing such highs.

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This correlates with Mr Dale’s optimism of a hot spell pushing in off the Atlantic during the first 10 days of June. However, maps and weather models do not exceed this date. 

Models will adjust as more confidence builds over preceeding weather patterns in the days to come.

But long-range forecasts from Netweather suggest a high pressure dominance period may be toppled, with unsettled weather at risk of bringing temperatures back down by the middle of June. 

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