Met Office says UK set to bask in 32C temperatures as ‘French heatwave’ strikes

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    Britain is set to sizzle this summer as soaring temperatures waft over from France – with the Met Office predicting 32C (90F) from June.

    But weather experts have also warned of thundery downpours, which could affect fun-seekers at Glastonbury and Wimbledon.

    Air masses blowing north across the Channel will bring heat, but also thundery downpours scattering sunbathers at times.

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    The Met Office said that much hotter-than-usual temperatures across the period from June until the start of August are seven times more likely than much-cooler-than-average.

    The first heat pulse from France is due in early June, which is likely to trigger the annual beach rush, and somewhere around 32C is expected by late June and into early July, temperature trends show, with even hotter peaks following.

    The Met Office's three-month outlook, being briefed to councils and businesses, said: “There is a greater than normal chance of hot weather, such as heatwaves.

    “Signals are consistent for winds blowing more frequently from the south and east.”

    Meteorologists said a much hotter period to August is a 35% probability, compared to the 5% chance of being cooler than usual.

    Last year's bone-dry hot summer climaxed in record high temperatures and hosepipe bans, with the hottest day of the year being recorded on July 19, with the mercury reaching 40.3C in Coningsby, Lincolnshire.

    But the coming months could see more rain than normal, as well as the threat of floods from thunderstorms. Glastonbury and Wimbledon risk soakings.

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    The Met Office outlook said: “There is an increase in the chance of wetter than normal conditions across the UK over the three months.”

    Ex-BBC and Met Office forecaster John Hammond of weathertrending said: “After heat and drought last year, computer model output is gravitating towards a signal of warmth and wetness for summer.

    “Early June has models showing low pressure focused to our south, with higher pressure to our north.

    “In this set-up, most showers would be across southern and eastern parts of the UK, and these could well be heavy and thundery.”


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