New poll shows just 9% think Brexit a success — But what do YOU think? Vote here

Nigel Farage on Newsnight: ‘Brexit has failed’

The majority of Britons believe that Brexit was a failure, with just nine percent considering the UK’s withdrawal from the European  Union to be more of a success, according to a new survey by YouGov. Meanwhile, 62 percent of respondents described Brexit as “more of a failure”, 20 percent said “neither” and nine percent were unsure.

This comes after former UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said that the country had “not actually benefited from Brexit economically” and blamed the Conservative Party for its handling of the withdrawal.

He told BBC Newsnight last week: “What Brexit has proved, I’m afraid, is that our politicians are about as useless as the commissioners in Brussels were. We have mismanaged this totally.”

Most of the 2,006 respondents to the YouGov poll conducted between May 17 and 18, who voted Leave in the 2016 referendum thought that Brexit has been a failure with 75 percent saying that “Brexit had the potential to be a success but the implementation of it by this and/or previous governments made it a fail”.

Meanwhile, many who consider Brexit to have been a failure think it was doomed from the outset with 56 percent saying that “Brexit was always going to be a failure, and there was nothing any government could do to make it a success. This includes 77 percent of Remain voters who think Brexit has been more of a failure.


Mr Farage said that he did not think “for a moment” that the UK would have been better off remaining in the bloc.

However, the YouGov survey found that just 31 percent of Britons thought the nation was right to vote Leave, meaning some 56 percent thought it was the wrong choice.

Speaking about the results, former Europe minister in the Scottish Government Alasdair Allan said: “It is unsurprising that people feel that Brexit has been a failure – quite frankly, every bit of evidence shows it and it is outrageous that both Labour and the Tories are happy to ignore the damage Brexit is causing.”

So what do YOU think? Has Brexit been a failure or a success? And did you think it was going to be a success? Vote in our poll and join the debate in the comment section below.

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