Moose calf, mother reunited after calf was swept away by fast-moving Yampa River

A young moose was reunited with its mother and sibling on Tuesday afternoon after a harrowing experience in downtown Steamboat Springs that caught the attention of many people enjoying the Yampa River Core Trail.

“I think given the alternatives in this situation and where the calf was relative to hikers, bicycles and dogs and everything, it wasn’t good for her to sit over there and just try to let this naturally occur,” said Kyle Bond, a district wildlife manager with Colorado Parks and Wildlife. “I think this was the best action we could have taken at this time for the welfare of the calf.”

Steamboat Springs animal control officers responded to reports of a moose calf that had been swept downriver. The report came from witnesses who said the mother and her two young calves had been startled when a railroad vehicle passed through the area on the nearby tracks.

The young female calf ran into the river and was carried downstream by the swift current.

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