Truck loses control on ‘slope of death’ crashes into school injuring 8 kids

A truck lost control on a notorious 'slope of death' road and crashed into a school, injuring eight children in Colombia.

The steep road has seen residents constantly complain over safety fears in the Galicia neighbourhood, in the town of Ciudad Bolívar, in the south of the capital Bogotá.

Cambio in Colombia obtained video of the Daihatsu Delta truck climbing the steep street before loses control and starts flying down the hill backwards.

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Children from the Soles del Saber School had just left, and were hit by the vehicle. Eight children were injured and a minor still has a 'reserved prognosis' at La Samaritana Hospital.

Residents in the area have been crying out for speed bumps and adequate signage on the hill constantly, dubbing the incline the 'slope of death'.

Cambio reported that 'accidents are usually serious and with injuries involved.'

The same title reported that in February 2022, another truck lost control and a woman who was passing by was saved from being run over, but was injured by high tension cables that came off due to the impact of the truck with a pole.

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It comes after a family in Australia were luck to escape injury when a large flatbed truck crashed into their house after rolling down a steep hill.

The incident occurred in a suburb of Geelong in Victoria and a couple in their 40s and a teenager escaped injury.

A 61-year-old man who was not in the truck when it crashed into the house was spoken to by police, Mail Online reported.

Neighbour Sherry Powell told the Geelong Advertiser that she saw the truck rolling.

"I heard the back part of the truck dragging against the road," she said.

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