Spain’s tourism coast would have ‘just an hour’ to prepare for a tsunami

As part of these preparations, they say almost every building which sits along the coastline has been studied.

This data has been compiled into an action guide which provides guidance on what residents should do in the event of a tsunami.

It features information about evacuation routes and meeting points in the event that a natural disaster hits the European coast.

Local officials said the plan was not intended to cause panic among the local population, only to prepare them.

Antonio Sanz, Regional Minister of the Presidency, said the plan “is not intended to alarm the population, but to be prepared for the worst”.

Mr Sanz added that this was “the first plan of these characteristics that is operational in an autonomous capacity in Spain” alongside those in Huelva and Chipiona.

He said that the approval of the plan was not the end but the beginning and that the regional government will now collaborate with local councils to draw up a Local Action Plan.

The Andalusian government’s plan comes over six months after Huelva announced its own tsunami plan.

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In November 2022, Huelva became the first Spanish city to implement a special tsunami emergency plan.

In a statement, the mayor of Huelva, Gabriel Cruz, said: “The city of Huelva takes the lead in this field and is the first in Spain to have the best possible action plan, in which we have put the most advanced knowledge to how to know to respond to a tsunami.

“A risk that risks and that we have to address without scaring people, but with responsibility and prevention, because the best thing we can do is to be prepared to make the right decisions.”

The plan which has been drawn up includes a system of urban signposting to identify safe points, evacuation routes, and civic education for self-protection. The City Council has identified safe points where people should go if the tsunami plan needs to be activated.

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The safe points are the highest areas of the city or those whose position guarantees that the waves will not reach them.

All of these spaces have similar characteristics in that they can accommodate a large number of people, are accessible from main roads and have been distributed so that any citizen in the main city can reach them.

President of Bomberos Unidos Sin Fronteras, Antonio Nogales said: “We have to make the awareness, information and self-protection plan go viral, to reach as many Huelva residents as possible.”

He added: “Before the tsunami, we will feel the earthquake and we will have between 30 and 40 minutes until the first hour arrives, an extremely valuable time that we must make the most of.”

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