Boy, 10, killed after being attacked by crocodile before locals beat it to death

A 10-year-old boy has died after he was attacked by a crocodile in India, sparking a mob to hunt down the reptile, using sticks to beat and ultimately kill the creature  The locals of Khalsa Ghat in Raghopur Diyara Island, located in Bihar’s Vaishali district set up a fishing net to trap the predator.

Dharmendra Das, a resident of Gokulpur in the Biddupur police jurisdiction, had brought his family to the banks of the Ganga River for a religious ceremony before the attack.

As Dharmendra’s 10-year-old son, Ankit, approached the river to collect water for the ritual, he was suddenly attacked and seized by the crocodile, reports IndiaToday. 

Family members noticed the child’s desperate cries for help and quickly came to his aid.

Tragically, despite their valiant efforts, they were unable to protect the infant from the crocodile’s vicious attack.

Locals gathered around the river and set up a net to capture the crocodile.

Once the net had trapped the reptile, they took matters into their own hands and brutally attacked the crocodile.

Some people struck the beast with sticks, while others threw shoes

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Local authorities have sharply denounced the incident and emphasised the need to uphold law and order even in the face of such upsetting circumstances. 

They have pleaded with the public to report any wildlife-related occurrences to the proper authorities so that they can act quickly and appropriately rather than resolve the issue on their own.

Investigations into the incident are currently underway, and the authorities have assured the community that appropriate measures will be taken against those responsible for the killing of the crocodile.

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