Putin says ‘f*** them’ in response to NATO’s nuclear weapons request

Russian president Vladimir Putin has blasted NATO and said "f*** them" when responding to a nuclear weapons request from the organisation's members.

Despot Putin was seemingly furious at the request to reduce the number of nuclear warheads Russia currently has, which is more than NATO's member countries.

The Russian leader did not mince his words when responding to the request, seemingly quoting "our people" as he swore at the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation's request to tone down his nuclear arms.

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NATO's request appears to have failed, with Putin having stressed the warheads owned by Russia were to "ensure our security" and "lowering the threshold" appeared impossible.

In response, Putin said "f*** them".

Speaking at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, the Russian leader made it clear he would not be renouncing or lessening his grip on a growing nuclear arsenal.

He said: "We have more such weapons than the NATO countries. They know about it, and all the time we are being persuaded to start negotiations on reduction – f*** them, you know, as our people say."

In defending the massive arms collection, allegedly totalling 5,977 nuclear warheads primed and at the ready, Putin said the arms help defend the "sovereignty" of Russia.

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The Russian president claimed his near-6,000 nuclear arms stockpile was crucial in defending the "sovereignty of the existence of the Russian state."

His swear-y reply also explained reasons the country would hold onto its nuclear armaments, seemingly warning NATO they hold more weapons than any of its member countries at present.

Putin added: "Nuclear weapons are created in order to ensure our security in the broadest sense of the word and the existence of the Russian state.

"But we, firstly, do not have such a need, and secondly, the very fact of reasoning on this topic already lowers the possibility of lowering the threshold bring weapons."

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