Fuming Wetherspoons neighbours slam pub for punters who pee onto garden wall

A Wetherspoons boozer has been slammed for its screaming clientele who 'continually pee' onto someone's garden wall as they pour out at night.

Neighbours to The Golden Beam Public House in Elinor Lupton Centre, Leeds, were livid at plans which would see the boozer keep its doors open for longer than it already does.

An initial planning agreement, which, "in the interest of residential amenity", limited the pub's opening hours on Sunday to Thursday to 8am to 11pm may be overturned.

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The Golden Beam, which is also open Friday and Saturday between the hours of 8am and 11.30pm, is looking to extend its license to 12.30am on Mondays, Sundays and public holidays.

An outcry from those living nearby the pub were aired as these residents complain of the already lengthy opening hours, pleading with the chain not to "make it worse for my family."

The unnamed resident, speaking to Yorkshire Evening Post, said: "Please don't do this. I live opposite and have caught people urinating up my garden wall having come from the pub many times.

"I am already kept up by drunk people screaming in the street. Please don't make it worse for my family."

Another fuming neighbour said: "Drinking beyond midnight is not acceptable in a residential area, such as that which completely surrounds The Golden Beam pub. There are good reasons for not extending the hours of use."

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Even with complaints over the noise, the urine and, in one case, the fear of "large groups of people in fancy dress", the planning approval is looking likely.

The pub has proposed the consumption of food and drink will be closed at 10pm, while CCTV will be in action to prevent punters from entering should they be in large groups.

Despite the worries, one resident did write in support of the extension, reasoning: "The community embraces this pub and finds it an affordable place to eat and drink during the cost of living crisis.

"In fact, as this pub is one of the few that don't allow Otley runs, it is almost a safe haven on the weekend when other Headingley pubs are noisy and unpleasant. Yes, I would love for the pub to stay open a bit later."

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