‘Cheerleader mum’ hits pupil with rolling pin and sparks brawl at school

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    Disturbing footage has emerged of a mum hitting students with a rolling pin in a dramatic fight.

    The incident left other parents worried when it broke out by an entrance gate near a school in the city of Leeds.

    In the 50-second-long video, a young girl in school uniform approached another before they started punching, kicking and grabbing each other's hair.

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    The fight was seen by a group of students, who can be heard yelling and screaming.

    One woman, who was described as a mum in a blue and white cheerleader outfit, barged in and swung a rolling pin at the girls.

    It turned into chaos as other students rushed to stop the woman and break up the fight.

    The video cut just before two members of staff in high-vis vests attempted to calm the fight.

    It was unclear when the brawl took place.

    One parent, who wished to remain anonymous, told Leeds Live that they were left terrified by the incident.

    They said: "I am scared of this happening to other children.

    "It looks out of control.

    "Rolling pin attack on a school child by a parent. I live locally and know families here, but I am scared."

    Last month, a 16-year-old boy was allegedly beaten by a security guard at a funfair on Herringthorpe Playing Fields, Rotherham.

    Video taken by an onlooker shows the moment a man in a security guard uniform appear to land a series of punches on the youngster, who was wearing a red and white striped top.

    His dad was furious and ran down to the funfair to ask for details.

    "When I got down there, other people and parents said they didn't know why it had escalated like that," he told Yorkshire Live.

    "I rang the police to come down and they went into the fair to try and find out more about what had happened but the guy had gone.

    "They couldn't find the security guard, he just disappeared when they turned up."

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