Brit dad’s toe ‘rotting off’ after bite from false widow spider in slipper

A British father was left with his toe dangling off of his foot after a false widow spider tucked inside his slipper bit it.

Frank Fox had the rotting toe amputated by NHS staff after the eight-legged beast bit down onto his toe, with the arachnid stomped on soon after by the 60-year-old's son.

Just a few hours later, a blister had formed on the tip of the toe, leaving Frank in a bit of irritant pain with the itchy bump popped and cleaned.

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But a few weeks later, Frank was in the hospital where the Type 1 diabetic faced an amputation to cut the infection off of him.

The dad-of-three has since spoken of his subsequent phobia of spiders following the incident, with an understandable fear brewing from his encounter with the false widow.

He said: "My toe is literally rotting off. When I got bitten I ignored it, I didn't think anything of it. It came up like a small blister and me being me I popped it… the worst thing I could have done.

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"It became a scab, the scab just got worse it [the infection] just ate and ate and ate the nail, tissue and bone."

Although surgery is now needed, it was not offered up initially due to the risks involved with Frank and his diabetes.

He added: "I can't walk, I slide my foot along the floor. I've got used to seeing it, it's not gory anymore.

"I told the surgeon 'I want this toe taken off'. Initially they said they couldn't because of the infection and [was told] 'if we operate the infection will just spread further up your toe'."

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Frank, who has now been on antibiotics for over a year on from his horror bite, has been left with "bad dreams" about the creepy crawlies.

He added: "The pain is savage, you get sharp stinging pains then the pain of it because it's an open wound. It also smells horrible because it's rotting flesh."

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