Brit spies in ‘security risk’ as Chinese surveillance cameras film front of MI6

Brit spies are being filmed by Chinese surveillance cameras in front of MI6 HQ.

Cameras made by Hikvision – banned in US federal buildings on national security grounds – have been installed on a lamp post across the road from the security service’s front gates in London.

Experts say the cameras – which rotate 360 degrees and can zoom in from 165ft away – could be used by Beijing spooks to monitor comings and going of Britain’s real life James Bonds.

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More Hikvision lenses have been fitted in front of Vauxhall Underground station which could record MI6 personnel commuting to and from work.

The Hikvision cameras near MI6 have been installed by Lambeth Council to monitor traffic and anti-social behaviour.

Security experts called on the council to remove them.

Former Army intelligence officer Philip Ingram said: “The cameras pose a very serious security risk.

“The data that has been collected by Lambeth Council could be intercepted by the Chinese MSS.

“Cameras outside any intelligence service building in the UK would be high priority for them."

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“Lambeth should remove them.

“I don’t think any of our public bodies should be using cameras that come from a country that has the potential to use them against our state.’’

The blunder comes after the Cabinet Office vowed to ban Hikvision cameras from all Government buildings on national security grounds. The state-owned company with strong links to the Chinese Communist Party is suspected of providing a surveillance back door to the Far East nation’s intelligence service the Ministry of State Security – aka MSS.

The Foreign Office – which runs MI6 – said it did not comment on security matters.

Lambeth Council did not respond to a request for comment.

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