Man who refused to pay for £1,100 dinner arrested in Ibiza

A restaurant customer in Ibiza has been arrested after he refused to pay for his £1,100 (1,300 euro) dinner. Police arrested the man on suspicion of fraud after he ate a meal consisting of lobster, washing it down with bottles of champagne but refused to pay the bill. When police seized his belongings, they found that he had several bank cards on him, local media reports.

Employees say the man made several attempts to pay with his phone but the payments were declined every time he tried.

The suspect says he had the money to pay but refused to hand the money over. He has provided no additional explanation.

After failing to get the customer to pay up, employees called the police who arrested the man for fraud offences.

This isn’t the first time customers in Ibiza have been arrested for refusing to pay for extraordinarily expensive meals.

A “drunk” British holidaymaker was previously arrested for “refusing to pay for a £800 slap-up meal”. Similar to the recent incident, the man reportedly told waiters he wouldn’t pay the bill as he finished his dessert. He was arrested on suspicion of fraud and taken to a local station before he was handed to the Civil Guard.

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