Taxpayer may save £165k for every illegal migrant stopped from crossing Channel

The economic assessment of the government’s Illegal Migration Bill says relocating migrants to safe third countries means taxpayers will eventually save millions of pounds in the long run.

Suella Braverman said the Home Office report proves that “doing nothing is not an option”.

“We cannot allow a system to continue which incentivises people to risk their lives and pay people smugglers to come to this country illegally, while placing an unacceptable strain on the UK taxpayer,” she said.

“I urge MPs and peers to back the Bill to stop the boats, so we can crack down on people-smuggling gangs while bringing our asylum system back into balance.”

More than 45,000 migrants crossed the Channel in 2022 with experts predicting the figure will increase this year.

Rishi Sunak has made it one of his five key pledges to “stop the boats”.

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The report also suggests the cost of sending a migrant to Rwanda or another third country would cost nearly £170,000.

“This cost will only be incurred for people who arrive in the UK illegally. If an individual is deterred from entering the UK illegally, then no cost would be incurred,” the assessment notes.

It comes as Mrs Braverman’s plan to house asylum seekers on barges faced delays.

The Bibby Stockholm accommodation vessel, which will house around 500 people, is not yet in Portland Port, Dorset, despite promises it would be in the dock a week ago.

The barge is currently in Falmouth, Cornwall, for checks, maintenance and refurbishment work.

The Home Secretary wants to use barges and sites including converted military bases to house asylum seekers and reduce the £6 million daily cost of hotel accommodation while people await a decision on their status.

The Bibby Stockholm was the first barge secured under the plan, but its journey to Portland will now take place in the coming weeks, according to the Home Office.

The document also suggests the “costs savings of relocating individuals to safe third countries” is “highly uncertain” but gives figures of between £106,000 and £165,000 per individual.

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