Nicola Bulley’s Fitbit said heart was beating for eight days after disappearance

The Fitbit of Nicola Bulley was still picking up a heart beat eight full days after she went missing in a river.

The mum-of-two, 45, was last seen in St Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire, on January 27 before she went missing, prompting a three-week search by police that ended when her body was found.

A Home Office pathologist has confirmed this week that Ms Bulley died from drowning and was alive when she fell into the water of the River Wyre.

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And it has also now been revealed, at a coroner's court hearing, that her Fitbit was still reading her heart rate for more than a week after she drowned.

The smartwatch was still on her wrist when she drowned, and only lost power on February 4.

Between 8am and 9.30am on the day she went missing, the watch recorded 4,548 steps – but no movement was noted after that.

But it did pick up a heart rate.

DC Keith Greenhalgh told Preston's County Hall: “A possible explanation for Nicola’s Fitbit continuing to provide heart rate output sporadically until February 4 could be a result of the movement of water passing between the device and Nicola’s wrist.

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“Testing on inanimate objects provided similar results when there was a movement in the water.”

The revelations about her Fitbit throw scorn on what an apparent friend of Nicola's claimed during the search.

She said that the device stopped syncing two days earlier than it actually did – which has now been confirmed to be false information.

Despite media speculation at the time, it was also revealed that Ms Bulley had no alcohol in her system at her time of death.

Lancashire Police came under fire during the search for Ms Bulley for revealing she had “significant” alcohol issues prior to her disappearance.

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