Stranger stabs family’s beloved 11-year-old dog to death in unprovoked attack

Tragedy struck a family after a stranger stabbed their 11-year-old dog to death as they were playing in a park in a horrifying and unprovoked knife attack.

James Wesley Henry, 43, was arrested for the killing of the mixed-breed pooch named Beignet in a North Carolina, America, park on Monday (June 26) afternoon.

He was charged with the felony of cruelty to animals after he slashed the helpless pup, who belonged to the Mackie family, in Asheville, a city in the west of the state.

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“The guy killed the dog with a knife, basically eviscerating it,” Asheville Police Capt. Michael Lamb told theAsheville Watchdog, a local newspaper.

He allegedly grabbed the dog by the throat and stabbed it over and over again with a knife.

The dog let out a whimper before it died in the park.

Henry quickly but calmly began walking away from the gruesome scene.

The Mackies said they were in a park in their home city playing a game of pickleball with their friends when they saw the disturbed man acting erratically and shouting to himself.

Because he wasn’t immediately harming anyone, they left him alone.

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“All of a sudden, I noticed that there was some commotion happening with her dog,” pickleball player Eric Hulin said.

“I saw the attacker, definitely with all of his strength — with what I thought at the time was a closed fist — slamming on the dog, really.”

However, Henry was reportedly holding a knife in his fist.

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“I turned and looked at the dog, and saw its last couple of yelps and twitches,” Hulin said to the outlet, adding that he can’t get the image out of his head.

“It was covered in blood. There was blood everywhere. It took me a moment because I wasn’t sure what happened.”

Henry is being held in the Buncombe County Detention Facility in Asheville on a $10,000 bail bond.

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