Teen dancer left fighting for life after contracting flesh-eating infection

A teenager is fighting for her life after contracting a severe flesh-eating infection after banging her foot in a dance show. Caitlin Cooper, 17, injured her foot while practicing a dance at an art college in Melbourne.

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Despite her foot hitting the floor with some force, Caitlin didn’t continued to dance through the pain.

‌However, that night she became extremely unwell with a fever and vomiting. 

‌She told http://7NEWS.com.au: “(My mum and I) noticed my foot was really, really swollen, and it was in excruciating pain.”

‌A CT scan revealed soft tissue damage had occurred in her foot.

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The doctor said her foot was likely to become more swollen and she avoided putting any weight on it for a while.

‌The 17-year-old slept well, however, things took a turn for the worse later when she was staying with her grandparents.

‌She said: “I started getting really, really unwell after I had about two hours of sleep. My foot started getting more pain and the feeling was like my bone was going to pop out.”

‌She lost her appetite, her ears began ringing, and she slowly began to lose her sight.

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She added: “I remember I was really scared. I was throwing up and then once I started blacking out, (my grandparents) called the ambulance.”

‌She was rushed to an emergency room at Northern Hospital in Epping where a plastic surgeon immediately recognised what was wrong. The teen added: “The plastic surgeon said: ‘If this is what I think it is we need to get her to surgery’”.

‌Doctors discovered that Caitlin had contracted a deadly and rare infection called necrotising fasciitis. It occurs when bacteria enters the body through a break in the skin, multiplying quickly and causing muscle and skin tissue to die. It can lead to sepsis, organ failure and even death.

Caitlin underwent emergency surgery to remove the dead tissue in her leg and get rid of the infection, before being placed in an induced coma so that a second life-saving surgery could take place.

She said: “I was very, very close (to dying). I think if it wasn’t for … the plastic surgeon that came down, he saved my life.”

‌Caitlin stayed in the hospital for 29 days, where she underwent six surgeries in total to ensure all of the infection had been removed.

‌Physiotherapy sessions have helped the 17-year-old relearn how to walk again using crutches, although for the majority of the time she gets around in a wheelchair.

‌Caitlin’s dance school, Lauren Wall School Of Dance in Epping, have set up a fundraiser to help the teen in her recovery.

‌Over £2337 ($3,000) has been raised through the GoFundMe so far.

‌She said: “I think (it’s) incredible, and I (can’t) thank them enough for it. We’ve been shocked with how much support there is. “I have so much strength from them and support from not only the dance community but my family as well.”

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