Furious family slam bystanders who filmed son dying after fatal jet ski accident

The family of a young man have called out the people who recorded him drowning after a jetski accident instead of helping.

Wassiou Leon Ayawe, 19, drowned after the jet ski he was travelling on in the water on Lough Derg in Co Clare, Ireland, flipped over on Wednesday, May 31, the Irish Mirror reported.

Sandra Byrnes, foster mother to Wassiou, said her family were "stunned" in the days following the tragedy to see footage appear on social media of the young man's struggle in the water.

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Speaking to the Limerick Post, she said: "What kind of person films someone drowning instead of doing something? Or even throwing a lifebuoy?

"And then to share that on social media? Did they even think how that would make his family feel?"

Sandra managed to have the content taken down, but she said certain things about the tragedy still haunt her.

After having a go on the new jetski, bought just a day before the accident, Wassiou was keen to take it out again.

On his second visit to Lough Derg at Killaloe, this time without his family present, tragedy struck.

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Sandra said: "He wasn't meant to go out on the water that day. We were planning to bring the jet ski up to the coast at the weekend and there were a lot of complications about how he was going to get the ski to Killaloe.

"I told him I had a bad feeling about it and asked him to wait, but he was just impatient to have another go. The last words I spoke to him were to tell him to stay safe. A few hours later, he was dead."

Sandra had the tragic task of identifying the young man after he was taken from the water.

"It's something I will never forget. But he looked beautiful. It was just as though he was asleep," she said.

It is not the first drowning tragedy to hit Sandra as her daughter, Yasmin-Lee Williams, 24, sadly died by suicide in the water in 2019.

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