‘Foolish’ tourists slammed after standing just feet away from deadly crocodile

In a “foolish” move slammed by authorities in Australia, tourists have been caught putting their lives at risk by standing dangerously close to a crocodile in Queensland, north-eastern Australia.

Three people were pictured standing near the predator on an embankment in Babinda, 50km south of Cairns – where crocodiles have been known to roam in previous years.

Residents in the area believe the crocodile is a local beast, affectionately known as Clyde, but they say the 4m crocodile could have turned on the trio at any moment.

The locals have often shared photos of his whereabouts on social media community groups, but they have been shocked at the behaviour of the three pictured tourists.

Sharing their thoughts on the tourists’ recent antics, one person online wrote: “This needs to be out there for awareness … before someone gets eaten, by their own stupidity.”

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Another said: “If people keep going down there something will happen and then he will be taken out, leave him be.”

Queensland Wildlife Park, Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures, issued a stark warning: “If these guys think this croc can’t turn around in an instant and defend his territory, they are delusional.”

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A spokesperson told 7News: “Approaching or standing near crocodiles of any size is risky, foolish behaviour”.

They added: “People are responsible for their own safety in croc country.”

The predators are known for their good camouflage tactics. They can remain hiding, even in knee-deep freshwater and saltwater locations along the coast. They also can be found inland in rivers, swamps, beaches, and lagoons.

For more information on how to be “croc-wise” you can visit the Department of Environment and Science in Queensland’s website for guidance on crocodile sightings in Australia and tips on situational behaviour.

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