Man ‘bleeds to death’ after broken garden strimmer slices off penis

A man has bled to death after cutting off his penis with a grass strimmer in Thailand. Praditsin Chuypad’s body was discovered in the Isaan province of Nong Bua Lamphu with his trousers and legs soaked in blood. The 39-year-old was hired by the park to help clear grassy areas, according to the park manager. 

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Mr Chuypad began work on Monday but suffered the catastrophic injury after the blade snapped and accidentally sliced his penis, creating a deep round and a severe loss of blood, Thaiger reports.

Officers discovered the body near part of the broken blade which was covered in blood. 

They believe the blade, which is usually used for cutting metal, not grass, was broken after directly hitting Mr Chuypad. 

Park manager 72-year-old Waen Visetsakda said he had tried to recruit help after finding out that Mr Chuypad had opted to use the larger machinery instead of a standard strimmer, but it had not arrived in time. 

Mr Chuypad’s uncle, Narongsak Laketago, told local media that his nephew specialised in strimmer use after using it in his childhood. 

But added that he had warned him about using metal cutting blades but his warnings were ignored.

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