‘Our new build estate is falling apart and there’s nothing we can do about it’

Brits say they have been left trapped in no man's land after buying homes on a new build estate that is collapsing around them.

More than 500 new homes were constructed at Langley Country Park estate near Mickleover, Derby several years ago.

But residents say the place has been left to deteriorate and there is nothing they can do about it due to ongoing legal battles.

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Ian Debling moved into the property in 2016 but has since become fed up with the ongoing issues and is now warning everyone away from the estate.

Speaking to Derbyshire Live, he said: "They won't listen to us. We're not in control. We cant ask them to do anything because we're got no control of the management company.

“I'd recommend to anybody not to buy a new build on an estate like this because they're all set up in the same way."

Ian claims there are at least 50 “big” trees which have deteriorated or died, while others remain attached to their support despite being there for over a year.

While at the entrance to the estate, two sustainable drainage systems ponds, used for rainwater to run into and be recycled, are completely overgrown, which residents say blocks water from entering the drains.

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On the streets, there are lampposts with no lamps on – erected and left with no purpose. Weeds line the kerbs, with litter strewn near the drains.

In the children's play area in the park in the centre of the estate, wood is splintering and the material on the back of one apparatus is torn and damaged. Stones and pebbles are strewn across the path through the middle and the tarmac has cracks running up it either side.

Michael Thompson moved with his wife from Burton and thought it looked like a "lovely" estate but the appeal has gone now, he says.

"It's been let down, basically," he explained. "When it was finished it was quite tidy but since it's just gone backwards."

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Michael Cummins, who moved from Hertfordshire, said he's now looking to move away amid the issues.

Whereas in the past, the land on new-build estates became council property once they were completed, this is no longer the case with communal areas such as parkland and grass verges eventually belong to a "management company".

What's worse is the fact that each of the 514 homeowners or leaseholders is charged an annual service charge a common feature on newbuild estates on top of their council tax.

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A spokesperson for Redrow and Miller Homes, said: “The land transfer is currently underway with the Land Registry. We expect this process to complete within the next three months, at which point we will arrange to hand control to the residents of Langley Country Park.

"In the meantime, the development is being maintained by the appointed managing agent, RMG. We will be following up with them to ensure any concerns relating to its upkeep are addressed.”

A spokesperson for RMG said: "Whilst the transfer of the land is a legal process which has to be followed, all parties are keen to hand over the running of the scheme to the residents. Until we can get to that point, we take on board feedback from the residents via our 24/7 customer contact team and our onsite Property Manager."

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