Mum shares innocent snap of daughter’s bedroom and is accused of ‘child neglect’

A mum who shared a seemingly innocent snap of her daughter’s bedroom has been accused of “child neglect” by social media users. The mum, known as April, shared a picture of the bedroom she had made for her one-year-old daughter on Facebook. But, while most people’s immediately noticed the vibrant cupcake design, the placement of the child’s bed was what drew the most comments.

The picture – originally posted in 2020 – showed the parent, who hails from Australia, had placed her child’s mattress on the floor without a bed frame.

The decision prompted some to accuse April of “neglect”, but she quickly hit back and explained her intention with the layout.

She said she had structured the room in line with the “Montessori” style.

Montessori is a method of education where parents and teachers encourage their children to participate in self-directed activity.

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April explained that the bed on the floor would allow her daughter to move around and use her imagination to play.

She said her family is “very minimalistic”, and use the mattress “throughout the day for alternative things”.

She added: “Floor beds are extremely common around the world and just because in the western world it isn’t the norm doesn’t mean it’s wrong.”

Her explanation didn’t satisfy commenters, who said the lack of a bed frame would place her daughter too close to the floor.

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One commenter said the bed needed to be on a base, warning the floor is “a disgusting breeding ground for mould and bacteria”.

Others said she was risking her child’s health, and added that she would not receive adequate ventilation on the floor.

But the mum hit back, and insisted she had a “completely safe bed for my child”, adding: “This is very clearly not a neglected child’s bedroom.”

She concluded: “Stop being mean because it literally isn’t affecting me at all, and you are making yourself look silly.”

She received some support from other commenters, one of whom said: “Absolutely gorgeous room. I often want to put our own mattress on the floor with my first child and have the same Montessori style bed. You have done a wonderful job.”

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