Labour frontbencher forced to apologise in furious Question Time row over NHS

Labour rising star Bridget Philipson crashed on the BBC’s Question Time when she had to admit to “misspeaking” on the NHS during the show.

The shadow education minister was made to look foolish by Tory veterans minister Johnny Mercer as the show broadcast from Fleetwood in Lancashire.

The panel was discussing the future of the NHS and answering a question on whether it would look the same in its 100th birthday as it did in its 75th birthday this week.

Mr Mercer said: “This idea that Bridget came out with that it depends how much money you have in your bank account as to whether you get served in A&E is obviously garbage.”

The accusation visibly shocked Ms Philipson as she sat on the panel.

She said: “That wasn’t the point I was making, you are misrepresenting my position.”

Presenter Fiona Briuce interupted: “She didn’t say that did she?”

But Mercer retorted: “She did say how much money you have got depends on how quickly you get seen.”

Ms Philipson replied: “If I misspoke I apologise.”

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