RAF fighters intercept Putin’s ‘Doomsday Jet’ reserved for Russian VIPs

RAF typhoons managed to intercept a “doomsday jet” run by Mad Vlad that is reserved for Russia’s top leaders, after it very nearly flew into NATO airspace.

British fighter jets shadowed the airborne nuclear command aircraft as it flew out of the Russian city of Kaliningrad, which sits just 50 km from the border with NATO member Poland.

The fighters were scrambled from nearby Estonia, where they are based as part of an ongoing NATO mission, escorting the modified Tupolev 2015, as well as two Su-30 jets through international airspace.

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The plane was built for Vladimir Putin to issue nuclear orders in the event of a third World War.

NATO said it had noticed a spike in VIP flights to and from Kaliningrad, which borders the alliance members of Poland and Lithuania.

While it is not currently known who was onboard the flight, a military sourcetold the Sunthat the plane is only flown by high-ranking VIPs from Russia.

Amazingly, they said: “It is possible it could have had Putin on board or one of his top lieutenants.”

Mad Vlad’s invasion of Ukraine has escalated dramatically over the past year and five months, with many across the world fearing that it may lead to World War Three starting.

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The Daily Star reported yesterday that there was evidence Ukraine had destroyed Russian military equipment that was sitting inside Russia itself.

Footage released by the Ukrainian Air Force appeared to show a donated Patriot Air Defence system to mark Anti-Aircraft Missile Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Day.

On it, three Russian helicopters and two Russian fighters can be seen with the date May 13 on the side.

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On May 13, reports claim that two Mi-8 Hip helicopters, a Su-34 Fullback strike fighter, and a Su-35 Flanker-E were all destroyed inside Russia’s Bryansk Oblast.

It is important to note that this is not definitive proof of Ukraine’s involvement in the attacks, with military experts claiming that Ukraine wouldn’t have used a valuable Patriot system to take “pot shots” at Russia.

“Patriot systems are deployed to defend critical assets, meaning not take ‘pot shots’ at long-range targets who may be planning to strike elsewhere,” said former commandant of the Army Air Defense Artillery School David Shank.

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