Bizarre moment driver goes on rampage smashing into 15 cars before dragging bike

Bizarre moment driver 'hits' motorbike

A driving in India went on a rampage after crashing into a motorbike, before continuing to drive off, pushing the bike along in front of his car.

The driver was caught in the act and captured on CCTV after driving hectically along a busy street, in the Tamil Nadu state on the southeast coast of the country.

In a crowded street with parked three-wheelers, market traders, and food stalls, a car is seen speeding down the road with the wheels of the car dragging a motorbike along the ground in front of the vehicle.

Moments later, many police officers and locals are seen on foot, chasing the vehicle as it escapes and speeds ahead down the street.

On-lookers are spotted backing away from the scene and getting out from their own vehicles to register what they have witnessed.

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One resident, closest to the CCTV camera is spotted leaving the building and walking down the steps as he tries to understand the event that just took place.

The incident occurred on July 11 after the driver and passengers of the car, who were allegedly drunk, rammed into several vehicles on the street and attempted to flee.

According to reports by India Today, five men had gone on holiday from Tambaram, near Chennai, to Puducherry where the incident was filmed.

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In their reportedly drunken state, they drove their car across the city and hit almost 15 vehicles parked on the sides of the roads.

Reports suggest after a local mob caught up with the car, they “vandalised” the vehicle. India Today stated they also “thrashed” the passengers before handing them over to the local police.

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