Terrifying moment plane skids off runway after landing in torrential rain

A plane with 172 passengers and 7 crew members skidded off the runway due to severe downpours.

The horrifying incident was captured on camera as a Latam aircraft was seen losing control after landing in Brazil’s Florianópolis-Hercílio Luz International Airport, also known as Floripa Airport.

Luckily, no one on board was injured and the incident is currently being investigated by officials.

Due to the incident, the airport has ceased both landings and takeoffs. 

In a video posted on social media, the plane was seen experiencing turbulence before making a loud bumping noise as it landed.

The plane quickly accelerated and then lurched to the side, causing many passengers to scream in fear. 

The aircraft, which departed from the Brazilian city of Guarulhos and was heading to Florianópolis, was in the process of landing at approximately 9.20 am local time when it veered off course. 

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Shortly after, all passengers were safely evacuated from the aircraft and a specialised team was dispatched to Santa Catarina’s capital to remove the aircraft from the runway.

As a result of the terminal closure, over 20 flights have been either cancelled or suspended, causing widespread chaos.

Part of the reason for the incident is that the Airbus A321 (PT-MXM) “exceeded the runway limits during landing”, according to a statement released by Grupo Latam.

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The company added: “All the necessary support for the safe landing of passengers and crew was carried out.”

Experts interviewed by NSC TV have analysed the landing video and speculated that factors such as water on the runway and issues with the landing gear could have contributed to the incident. 

Although the capital of Santa Catarina was experiencing heavy rainfall, neither the airport nor the airline had informed passengers that the adverse weather conditions might have influenced the incident, which remains under investigation.

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Sociology professor Lélia Nunes, a passenger on the plane, described the situation on board as the plane skidded off course.

She told local media: “It [plane] started landing, in a little while it increased its speed. Then, the aircraft swayed and went to the side. It was not a scary thing, but we all felt it, for sure.” 

The professor added that the pilot helped reassure everyone on board that the situation was under control and urged passengers to remain calm.

She said: “[After landing] Everyone was very calm, we just kept talking and waiting for the moment to slowly disembark.”

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