Birthday girl Queen Camilla ‘once branded Meghan Markle an ungrateful minx’

As Queen Camilla celebrates her 76th birthday, allegations have resurfaced that she has always been suspicious of Meghan Markle's motives and labelled her a “minx” who was unlikely to “sacrifice” her career to join the Royal Family.

Camilla and Meghan have not see eye to eye, according to royal biographer Tom Bower, as the aristocratic Brit found the Californian “ungrateful”.

The Duchess of Cornwall reportedly kept her opinions to herself but had always been concerned about Meghan’s intentions.

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Mr Bower says Camilla tried to reassure and advise Prince Charles on the Sussexes as he believed Prince Harry was “publicly humiliating him”.

Speaking to the Sun, Mr Bower said: “She could comfort him that while his authority is challenged by the Sussexes, he would emerge victorious.

“During those inevitably endless, tortured and inconclusive conversations, Camilla is the sort who would refer to Meghan as ‘that minx’ — the self-seeking troublemaker whose antics will always end in tears.”

According to Mr Bower, Camilla had her suspicions regarding Meghan after Harry had introduced her.

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He said that Camilla struggled to believe that Meghan could sacrifice her career and independence to serve silently” as a member of the Royal Family.

While Camilla – once herself a source of scandal – has worked hard to integrate into the Firm, King Charles is still fiercely protective of her

After a recent protest St Giles’s Cathedral in Edinburgh as the royal couple arrived for a National Service of Thanksgiving and Dedication he seemed determined to usher his wife away from the trouble as quickly as possible.

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Body language expert Judi James said: "The boos and the chanting had no visible effect on Charles’s facial expression but he did seem to fuss more over Camilla, as though keen to get her inside the venue and seated.

"At his London Coronation, he had appeared simply as King but here he was also in husband mode, turning to see Camilla safely from the car, with some impatient hand-flicking gestures showing moments of tension."

"He rarely sees it as part of his duties to check Camilla in and out of cars they are using," Judi added, "so this checking trait might just have been protective, thanks to the chanting."

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