Drunken women torture and kill singing parrot after boozy night out

Two women tortured and murdered an exotic parrot after a booze-fueled night out.

Nicola Bradley, 35 and Tracey Dixon, 47 doused ex-soldier Paul Crooks’s African grey parrot in cleaning products.

They then threw the pet, named Sparky, into the tumble dryer, before snapping the bird's neck.

Paul says the birth would entertain him with renditions of the national anthem and the Coronation Street theme tune.

Appearing before Carlisle Magistrates' Court, they heard how Bradley and Dixon were friends of Paul, and often stayed at his home overnight following a night out.

But when he was absent, they would torment his beloved bird – including splattering it with paint and praying it with shaving foam.

The pair also covered the bird with Mr Muscle kitchen cleaner and doused it with furniture polish.

One of the women then threw Sparky into a switched-on tumble drier before retrieving her and breaking her neck, the court was told.

However, Bradley and Dixon blamed each other for the bird's death.

Magistrates found them both guilty of causing unnecessary suffering and warned them they would face prison sentences.

The pair have been released on bail, and are due to be sentenced at Carlisle Crown Court on August 22.

Paul told the court he found Sparky dead shortly after Bradley and Dixon left his home on the morning of July 30, 2022.

He said Sparky was a gift from a former partner and had lived with him for five years.

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Describing the parrot, he told the court: “Sparky was absolutely fine.

"She used to sing a regimental march, combined with God Save the Queen, and the Coronation Street and Emmerdale theme tunes.

“She was also a hit with friends as she’d start singing when I talked to them on video calls around the world.”

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