Two drunk passengers booted off flight after ‘making bomb jokes and swearing’

A video has captured the moment two drunk blokes were escorted off a flight to Bali after they were heard "swearing and joking about bombs".

Passengers were preparing to take off from Perth on Tuesday (July 18) when security guards were called to remove the men, aged 28 and 29, from the plane before take-off.

The fully booked AirAsia flight was subsequently cancelled around 100 passengers were waiting on the tarmac for three hours — leaving them stranded.

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A video of the incident, which was recorded by other passengers, showed the guards in the plane's aisle as they confronted the rowdy men to remove them from the cabin.

In response to the guards grabbing one of the blokes to take him off, one of the boozers said: "Put your hands off me."

But the guard warned: "Don't start or otherwise I will cuff you. Don't push just take a deep breath."

Applause rose from the seated passengers as the two unruly men were escorted off the plane.

A fellow passenger named Anna Gunzburg spoke to 7news about how the blokes were visibly drunk before boarding the flight.

She said: "They were so obviously inebriated before even walking into the tunnel. They were swigging from the bottle. It was a joke."

Connor O'Kill, another passenger, claimed the men were being loudly "swearing and saying stuff and talking about bombs on the plane".

One of the blokes spoke to the broadcaster as they sat in the airport bar after being kicked off the plane.

"I drunk a bottle of Jameson's (Irish Whisky), that would do it," he explained.

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"I wasn't being rude to anyone, I was just a bit drunk. If they had have just took the plane off I would have fallen asleep and everyone would be in Bali."

His companion was equally unembarrassed as he said he was going to "jump on the next plane".

The pair were fined $500 each for their behaviour.

AirAsia has been contacted for a comment.

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